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Speak Easy Coffee used to be a quality coffee bar in London but is now a guide to buying a coffee machine. We used to extract and brew some of the finest-quality coffees available in the British Isles and serve them to the fine people of London along with quality, seasonal food and delicious baking.

Split over ground floor and basement, we ran an Espresso Bar upstairs and a Brew Bar downstairs. So whether you drink a Flat White, Macchiato or Filter; need to have your coffee on the run, or like to linger a while; we’d like to think we made a spot for you.


Machine for Making Coffee


Who doesn’t love a cup of coffee? It seems even more popular than a cup of tea, and with the variety of types – cappuccino, latte, espresso, flat white etc. – rapidly increasingly, it can prove to be an expensive indulgence. So with our help, why not look into a coffee machine for home? Here’s a guide to buying a cheap coffee machine.

Consider what type of cheap coffee machine you really need

With coffee machines becoming far more popular, every day seems to bring a new model, advertisement or brand to consider. However, coffee machines need not be expensive – but if you’re looking for a cheap coffee machine, you need to narrow your options somewhat.


Cheap Coffee Machine

Three types of coffee machine

Coffee machines for the home can be split into three broad categories :-

  • Capsule
  • Ground Coffee
  • Bean-to-Cup

Capsule coffee machines rely on a capsule or ‘pod’, with each manufacturer (generally) having their own branded capsules.

Ground coffee machines can use a wide range of ground coffee, rather than specific capsules.

Bean-to-cup coffee machines are the ones normally used in chain coffee shops, and take beans then grind into each coffee serving.

The cheap coffee machines are usually of a ground coffee type, as not only are the machines cheaper to buy but the refills method (ground coffee) is generally cheaper on a cup-by-cup basis. However, ground coffee machines can be more hassle, slower, and harder to clean than the other two types.


Coffee Machine

Consider how you refill your cheap coffee machine

It’s no surprise that some of the more expensive coffee machines have Hollywood actors advertising them – because they can afford to hire the best, given their prices.

Whilst having your coffee made at home with a cheap coffee machine is considerably cheaper than having it made by a barista, the single biggest factor is the refill method.

Refilling with pods/capsules tends to be very wasteful (as only one cup can be made with one capsule), so straight away capsule coffee machines tend to be more expensive over a year.

Although a bean-to-cup coffee machine may be more expensive, you can make a few cups at once, which brings the yearly cost down to (generally) lesser than a capsule coffee machine

So, as a guide to buying a cheap coffee machine, it’s not surprising to see a ground coffee machine will be your best choice.


Machine for Coffee

Cheap coffee machines do not mean cheap brands

One important consideration about coffee machines is the cheapest coffee machine may not be the cheapest to buy. For example, you could purchase a low quality cheap unknown brand, but it may be unreliable and only last a short while.

Or you could choose a more expensive brand of coffee machine, with a better warranty and reputation, that may cost more to purchase but last longer – or be repaired under warranty.

So when you’re looking for a cheap coffee machine, consider the ‘whole life costs’ such as :-

  • how well known is the brand?
  • what length of warranty is there?
  • how well manufactured is it? Does it seem flimsy and liable to break?

So that covers the main things to look for when buying a coffee machine, so explore the menu at the top of the page to see the best coffee machines.